very good
Delicious! Fresh and hot.
Food was delicious. Delivery took an hour which was actually almost 30 minutes after the delivery time listed.
I have been eating Chinese food for years. I just started a teaching job in the area, so I thought I'd try something local. This food was HORRIBLE and the customer service of the owners was abhorrent. 3 of the 4 items I ordered were inedible. I asked for a refund on the fatty, chewy boneless spareribs, and they refused. I had barely eaten any of them. Whatever I did sample of this item was spit out and rolled up in a napkin because I could not eat it. I asked to exchange for another item and they refused. The eggroll was tiny, no flavor and similar to the frozen ones in the grocery store. The dim sum was overpriced and tasted rancid, I wouldn't even feed this stuff to my dog. IT WAS MY FIRST AND CERTAINLY LAST TIME AT CHINA HOUSE!!!
Any questions please call us.